Diversity in computing

The case for more choices in desktop computing in 2020.

The self and the other go-with. They go together. As with Yin and Yang, the dry and the wet side of the mountain, one cannot exist without the other.

Differences are important. We need to listen to more than just echoes, or watch mirror images of ourselves to stay sane and to be aware of our own identity.

In the 80’s and to some degree the 90’s the home computer revolution brought us myriads of computing platforms, each with their own slightly different variations on what home computing should be (or become).

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Conway's game of life on the BLiTTER

Gosper Glider Gun Since I’ve got an Atari Mega 4, I’ve been reading up on the Atari ST Blitter and what to do with it. Apart from being excellent at copying bitmaps around, it does have a few cool tricks up its sleeve.

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